New Report posted October 16: Investigation into Claims by Eterneva Ashes to Diamonds

This is the updated report on claims by Eterneva regarding extraction of carbon from cremation ashes. This is a must read for all consumers. Click on the link above to get the full report on PDF.


Cremation Diamond Fraud Main Report


This is an investigative report on cremation or memorial diamonds, based on the actual evidence and information provided by the companies claiming to provide these diamonds. Since 2007 our insurance industry Special Investigations Unit (SIU) research has followed the claims made by various companies to make "memorial diamonds" or "cremation diamonds" from the ashes or hair of deceased loved ones. Based on our years of experience in the world diamond markets working with companies who truly create diamonds in a laboratory, the claims being made by these "memorial" diamond companies just seemed too good to be true. What we found was both disappointing and profound. These companies are fraught with deception and fraud. Fake pictures, fake claims of owning diamond making presses, and perhaps most of all their marketing strategy that plays on people at the most heart wrenching time of their lives....the loss of a loved one.


Before you spend money with any "memorial" diamond company, we ask that you review the information from these investigative reports in order to make an informed and well-thought out decision.. To date, no "memorial" diamond company has been able to prove that any ash-based carbon was actually used to make these diamonds. No proof. Fancy claims? Yes. But no proof. Before you decide to spend outrageous sums of money on a Memorial Diamond, please read about these companies from our research contained in this website.


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cremation diamond reportThis investigative report of the claims by the cremation diamond companies is the result of many years of research and investigation into the claims being made. The results will astonish and disappoint many, while they confirm the suspicions of others. However, the facts led the investigation to the conclusion contained in this report.


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